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    100 Marks Wines gave my wife Kimberly and me a chance to express our passion for winemaking, and collaborate with new friends in the quickly changing landscape of Niagara’s Wine industry. The story of 100 Marks Wines simply starts with a meeting with 2 Niagara grape growers. I never expected this meeting would eventually evolve into the creation of my first virtual winery.


    100 Marks Wines is produced at our “Host winery” at Marynissen Estate Winery, where I have spent the last 5 years as head winemaker. Having a working winery provided me with the freedom to create this new project, while exploring and strengthening my winemaking skills. The 2010 vintage produced approximately 250 cases of premium Pinot Noir. This was aged in New American Oak for 15 months, and naturally settled afterwards without fining or filtering, to allow to the fullest expression of the wine to come through.


    In addition to our 2010 Red wine, we are equally excited to release our very first White wine in the portfolio, a White Merlot, in the spring 2012. This white wine is a creative take on Merlot, making the wine in a “blanc de Noir” style. Golden hue in colour, it retains the desired qualities of a white wine; aromatic fruit and crisp acidity with a touch of residual sugar, but giving the body and mouthfeel of a red wine. The 2011 100 Marks White comes from a small plot of Merlot which John Marynissen planted in 1978. This wine is unique to Niagara, and will lend itself to a variety of food and occasions. Enjoy! 



                                                                                           - Jeff Hundertmark


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    Steve and Vivian Murdza come from one of the Niagara Region’s first grape growing families. When the prospect of working with the Murdza’s Pinot Noir grapes was discussed, I knew this was too rare of an opportunity to let pass by. The Murdza vineyard is situated on 3.5 acres of picturesque land located at the base of the Niagara Escarpment in St David’s. I am delighted to work with such respected growers in this appellation, their hard work and expertise are evident in the quality of grapes used for our first ever vintage of 100 Marks Red.


    The Marynissen’s have been key to this project getting off the ground. Their confidence in me to create Marynissen wines in their name, and the generosity to allow me to further explore my passion with 100 Marks Wines is greatly appreciated. Thank you Sandra and Glenn.


    Fellow wine lovers have joined us on this journey. We cannot forget to toast to our friends; Mike Berlis, Robert Curl, Mike de Waal, John Baizana, and Ray Smith whose financial contributions helped bring this project to fruition.


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    100 Marks Wines logo development, design, website and packaging were created by Maximilian Kaiser of Kaiser Design. Max grew up in the wine industry just around the corner from the winery. With deep roots in the Niagara wine industry, he has become a leader in label design. max@kaiser.ca 


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    We are currently taking pre-orders for:


    2011 WHITE - $19

    “Blanc de Noir” made from 33 year old Merlot vines. This white wine was produced by hand harvesting and whole berry pressing the grapes from a very small plot of Merlot located at our host winery Marynissen Estates. It is highlighted by intense floral and citrus notes with a soft and quaffable palate. A bit of residual sweetness guides the wine through the mid palate but finishes cleanly with crisp acidity. Only 100 cases produced.


    2010 RED - $35

    A big masculine style Pinot Noir perfect for aging in your cellar. Dark cherry and cedar, with sweet vanilla and cocoa. There is a thread of tannin that runs through the mid palate and finish of this wine that makes it beg for a protein dinner partner. Very limited quantities available, only 250 cases produced.


    To order, contact: Jeff Hundertmark


    Email: info@100markswines.ca   |  Phone: 905.321.7288


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